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Friday, 9 August 2013


We had a morning of tasks before setting off. I walked back into town to buy some more heavy stuff  for the cupboards, like milk, cat food, lemonade etc. meanwhile Helen had set to with the baking and we ended up with butterfly buns, ginger biscuits and a lemon drizzle cake. After that we set to with a bit of a clean through ready for our visitors.

There had been a steady stream of boats passing both ways but it seemed to have gone quiet as we passed over the Nantwich Aqueduct.

Nantwich Aquaduct.

The countryside was quite pretty but it was a little windy and cool as the sun didn't come out until much later. There were loads of geese in one spot and they must have been the young as they were taking off and flying round and landing again. I thought it was to toughen up their muscles for flying off again. I thought they were going to crash into the boat at one time.

Kamikaze geese.

We only had two locks today and they were at Hack Green. It was lovely to be back in the land of narrow locks again. They seemed very light to the touch and quick to fill compared with the wide beam locks.

Hack Green Lock.

We were heading to Overwater Marina to pick up Bash and Sam. They will be able leave the car there whilst we have a couple of days with them on the boat. They will then take me home and I will leave Helen in the Marina. We took fuel whilst we were waiting. They arrived about 1630 and after a cup of tea we decided to leave and head for Audlem. The idea was to wind before the locks and find a mooring so we could go to the pub later. There was a a spot quite close to the locks so we were quickly moored up

Sam, Ashley and Helen with tea and cakes.

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