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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Visitors and movement.

We were up early to make sure everything was spic and span for the arrival of our visitors, Heather and Jon. They arrived after dropping off two of their children to fly to Moscow. After a cup of tea and a bite to eat we cast off and went for a sail up the canal. Heather had never been on the cut before so it was lucky that it was sunny and warm despite a bit of a breeze. I hope that she can now appreciate why we love this life.

Jon picked the steering very quickly and seemed as if he had been doing it for years.

Something seemed to be worrying them both but what ever it was they managed to get the gates open despite it!

It didn't take Heather long before she was organising things. Only joking Heather!!

As we were sailing up to Hack Green Locks we passed 'Gulliver' who we had last seen on the Peak Forest. We agreed to meet up that evening. After passing through the two locks we winded and came back again as they had had a very early morning and had a three hour journey back home. It was great to see you both looking so well.

Jon, Heather and Helen as they were setting off back to Hedon.

After returning to the Marina and another cup of tea we said goodbye and we also had to say good bye to Overwater Marina. We just moved out and to the foot of the Audlem flight, a matter of ten minutes trip.

We tied up astern of 'Gulliver' and arranged to see them in the pub later. Whilst watching Macy on the tow path an old chap stopped and asked where Hedon Haven was. This led to us chatting for about an hour as we discussed West Africa, genealogy, stone age and ley lines and many other things. It was a fascinating chat and his hobby is tracing neolithic transport routes and has concluded that the so called ley lines are actually navigational position lines to stone tool factories, salt sources, gold etc. It was very interesting and he said he would send me a disc with all his information on. It is little conversations like that that are a great reward for chatting to strangers on the tow path. The weather is supposed to be fair for the next week as we make our way towards Birmingham.


  1. Thanks for such a lovely day.I feel i could manage a weeks holiday on the canals if we had Will and Abi to help. Jon is driving me mad as all he's talking about is you 2 and the boat. Think he's a bit envious as he puts on his tie for work and thinks about the fun you're having!!

  2. Your day will come I'm sure. I hope Abi and Will are well. It was good to see you both. Helena and Tony