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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Happy Birthday Mum.

Round to Mum's in the morning as it is her 87th Birthday and she looks very well with it all. It looked like she had a card for every year of it too, but I was told later it was only 20! There were a few little jobs to do and then the main business of  catching up with all the family and town gossip. About lunch time I was back home to try to get some of the jobs I need to do sorted before going back to Mum's.

The garden soon gets out of hand and the side of the house has become a bit of  a jungle  with the hedges and roses needing cutting back and everything taking root between the pavers.

Somehow brambles have got mixed up with the roses and they have a lot of fruit on them.

All sorts of self seeded plants have taken root in the paving slab gaps.

It will all have to wait until the next time as I have been busy with sorting out house insurance, Income tax and stuff for the car. There is still the garage door to sort out too. Bash, Sam and I went to pick up the Birthday Girl and take her out for a meal at Alison Hall. The Hall was an old Nissan hut that was bought by the Hedon WI in December 1931 and was dedicated to Mrs Alison Todd who was the President of the branch at that time. It was sold in 2010 and turned into a restaurant. The wrought iron grill that once decorated the door way has been saved and is outside the Hedon Museum. My Mum went her as a young girl during the war to dances and then WI and I used to take my daughter to dance lessons here as it had a lovely wooden sprung floor so was light to use. The wooden building was 'replaced' with a brick one and is a very good bar/grill now.

Birthday Girl.

Tony, Mum, Sam and Bash with very full tummys.



    1. I will pass that on to here when I see her again tomorrow. Love you. XXXXXxx

  2. Beautiful photograph,just 2 ladies missing. Hope your mum had a lovely birthday. She looks amazing. Heather and Jon

    1. I'm sure they were with us in spirit and they will make up for it next year maybe. Hopefully see you on Sunday.