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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Down the straight and narrow.

The first lock of the day was about 50m from our overnight berth. There are 9 locks of the Rushall Locks, with to near out berth and then about a mile to the next few.

As the Rushall Canal was built at the end of the canal building boom it was built almost dead straight. There are only three bends in the section that we traveled today.

Rushall Top Lock locking down the straight.

Helen drove the boat today and I worked the locks as we were going down and I would be able to climb across the bottom gates where as Helen would have to walk right round the lock.

The whole route today was nicely green with mainly housing behind the tree line. Helen making sure she is clear of the cill.

I'm not sure why this bridge is call Guilty Bridge but it is a bit of a mystery about the date as it looks like 1838 and the canal wasn't started until 1840 as far as I know.

Tony is able to stride across the lock gates to open the opposite paddles, close gates etc and must save miles of walking on a flight of locks.

The end of the first straight comes after passing under the MG and Rushall Junction is between the junction of the M6 and M5.

Rushall Junction.

The next section is similar to the Shropshire Union in as much as it seems to be driven through deep cuttings and then up in the air on embankments. As it was a late addition to the network engineer allowed this straight as an arrow route.

High level pedestrian Chimney Bridge.

Helen steering down the last straight before we stopped just before the next set of locks. The services here seem very well maintained.

As we did a wash today, whilst underway, we put the rotary close drier up and soon had it dry. I also started using the damsons we picked to make something. It is taking longer than expected, but more news later.

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