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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Back to Nantwich.

After eating on the boat moored up near Audlem we walked in to the village and sampled all three pubs there was to offer. Non of which were in my favourite list but it allowed us to catch up with each others news. The Shroppie Fly has a notice up saying it is under new management and will soon soon be under refurbishment, and not really before time.

By the time we had all been sorted out we got away at around 1000 but as we weren't going far it didn't matter as we only had a couple of miles to go and four bridges before we tied up again to visit the secret Bunker at Hack Green. A short walk brought us to an obvious war department building. I think there was also a small airfield here at one time. The Secret Bunker was an administrative sub centre for governing the are after a nuclear attack. It was a bit pricey to get in at £8-25 each but it took us a couple of hours to go round the 27 exhibit rooms. The bunker had a few rooms as they would have been but a lot were just housing kit from the era. It brought a lot of the paranoia back and was interesting but I think that the Secret Bunker in Holmpton East Yorkshire was better. That was housed beneath an innocent looking bungalow and was connected to the early warning system rather than the civil defence aspects of nuclear war. The rooms there were also largely as they would have been. We forgot to take any photographs when we were inside but did manage to snap the cattle outside cunningly used to disguise the bunker! The bunker was maintained at full readiness until 1993 with regular manning and had a capacity for 135 people. There are radio studios and communications centres with  all heads of things like burials, fire, police, local government represented.

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker.

Guards in disguise at Hack Green Secret Bunker.

After a bit of lunch back at the boat we set off again and were soon at the Hack Green locks. Sam received instruction on the mystrys of working locks from Bash as we descended the two. It is nice to be on narrow locks again though!

Sam receiving instructions/orders from Bash at Hack Green locks.

We were soon through and passing through the Cheshire countryside on the way to Nantwich. I asked a couple of passing boats what the mooring situation was like and didn't get the impression that there was bags of room.

Canad geese jumping out of the canal like penguins out of the Antarctic Ocean.

We found a nice mooring south of the town and just after Bridge 91 that will be a little further to walk into town for our tea but all good exercise to use up some of the intake of calories.

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