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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Keeping busy.

I was round at Mum's for 0900 to take her for her diabetes MOT. She was pronounced fine. We then went to ASDA and did a really big shop for her. She will be stocked up for a while now.

All Mum's cards with flowers from Anita. I didn't buy any as I thought the brothers would have sent some. It looks like we all thought the same thing!

When I got back home I checked out the garage door. It is a roller door with a motor that winds it up and down activated by a remote control. I checked that nothing was blocking it. The motor was working okay and it was going up and down it was just that when it reached the bottom it just went back up. Looking at the motor you could see that the limit switches were on cams and the cam wasn't breaking the switch to stop it so it thought it had come down on an obstruction. Bash got up and took the plate off and moved the cam round abit. It took a little trial and error but it seems to be working okay now. That has saved at least a £60 call out plus and work done.

As it is supposed to be raining tomorrow I set to at cutting the lawn. The grass didn't appear too long but I had to empty the collector quite a few times. There was a programme on Radio 4 this week about 'What is the use of Lawns?' Unfortunately I missed it. I'm not really that bothered about it really, you know weeds and stuff in the mix, and I would never water it as the water is on a meter and the lawn soon recovers after a drought. Mind you there is something very satisfying about seeing a neatly cut lawn. I then did some weeding in the flower beds to try and remove any weeds that would be seeding. I found a few blackberry's ripe that had been self seeded among the climbing roses and the ones I have planted along the fence will be ready soon. If there is a bit of rain over the next couple of weeks I think there will be a very good crop for someone to pick.

The lawn looks loads better once it has been cut as can be seen by this half and half photograph. There are some dry spots but nothing that wont come back.

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