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Friday, 23 August 2013

Calm before the storm.

We are having an easy day today as tomorrow will be very different. We got under way and were soon at Wheaton Aston. As there was one of the four water points free we again topped up as we had done some washing yesterday.  It had been quiet but then as we waited it all started to get busy. As we finished we moved off to the lock to see the gates open. As there was a boat just behind us we wondered whether they had gone ahead to open them. It was in fact the guy  waiting to come down, so we were straight in and that was our lock for the day.

Helen steering through Lapley Wood Cutting. The trees seemed to lean in on the canal adding to the atmosphere.

The canal crosses the A5 trunk Road between London and Holyhead that had also been built by Thomas Telford. I have been under the bridge many times and had read the plaque stating it was built by him.

A5 Thomas Telford Aquaduct.

We then came to Brewood, (Pronounced Brood). We couldn't see a mooring so tagged on the last in line that just happened to be exactly where we moored when we did the Stourport Ring a few years ago. We had a walk into the village and passed the Bridge Pub that was stating that it was a the area's Cask Pub of the Year. We had a good  walk about the village and bought some pies and pasties from the butcher and some milk before heading for the pub for  a pint. We were in for a shock though as they didn't have any bitter, at all!!. We had a cider each as we were there and then headed to the boat for lunch.

Speedwell Castle was built in 18th Century said to be on the winnings made on a race horse  called Speedwell!

The village has a nice selection of shops and  bistro/tea rooms and  has a mix of architecture. There seems to be a fair bit of new building too. After lunch we moved on and under Avenue Bridge which is much more ornate than the norm as it was done to placate the local land owner of Chillington Hall

Avenue Bridge near Brewood.

We were aiming to move on a couple of miles further but passed John and Kath on 'Guliver' who said that they had been told that it was very busy further down so, rather than lose out on a mooring we stopped there and then.

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