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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Back to Beeston.

We set off up the three lock staircase on our own and including having to set the chambers, having the bottom one empty and the other two full, it took us 50 mins to get to the top. After another 15 mins we moored up again near where we hade been before so that we could pay a visit to Tesco.

Helen moving clear of the bottom gates.

There is a bend in the rock cut channel by the City Walls and the years of wear of the horse towed boats have left there mark in the sandstone.

Whilst being moored at Chester the dining boat from the Mill Hotel passed several times. It is a wide beam boat and , lets say, her tick over isn't that slow. It doesn't have to wind as it appears to have a rudder and propeller at each end, but is only driven from one end. It seems to be very popular but they don't seem to go anywhere other than to the top off the staircase lock and back.

The Mill Hotel dining boat.

We went up one lock on our own and then tied up alongside the Water Works to take water. There was another boat there so we got lunch ready before they had finished. The threaded connection was peened over so had to result to the push on and Jubilee clip. When we had finished we set off to the lock as another boat came along so we were able to share the rest of the locks of the day. Following tyhe locks and the Christleton pubs, and then Egg Bridge there is the drudgery of two miles of linear moorings that is just boring. As it happens we also met lots of boats and there isn't too much room to pass, so breaking the tedium.

Just a short section of the linear moorings.

We kept going until Bates Mill and moored near the scenery of our leveret rescue again. I didn't see one floating in the water so we like to think we were successful in our pet rescue. Tied up for 1700.

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