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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Over water to Overwater.

We ate at the Black Lion pub last night. It was the CAMERA pub of south Cheshire this year and is a lovely old building dating from 1644. It is 'higgledy piggledy' with different levels of small rooms and wattle and daub walls. This morning we went round the town following the guide from the Information Centre. It is a very good leaflet as it is full of information.

Wilbraham Almhouses built in 1870 to replace some built in 1676 by Sir Rodger Wilbraham. The six poor men got £2 and a pair shoes every year and a gown and cap every other year in 1804.

The Wright Almhouses.
The Wright, Crewe and Hope Almhouses. The Crewe houses were built in 1776 on this site which used to be a House of Correction. The Wright houses were built in 1638 in London road. They were taken apart and moved to this site in 1974. The Hope houses were built using a legacy left by Harriet Hope a local shopkeeper. They were built in the 70's using stone and other material from demolished buildings in the town.

The Olde Wyche Theatre was built in 1919 as a cinema.

Churche's Mansion. This was built for Richard Churche in 1577 and is a Grade 1 listed building. An Elizebetham well were found when old hearths were opened out. The front is decorated with figures of the owner and his wife and things such as a lion, ape and a salamander. The Salamdar was supposed to be able to survive fire and its charm worked as the building survived the great fire of 1583.

Carved salamander on the front of Churche's Mansion, Nantwich.

We had lunch upstairs at the Nantwich Book Shop, and very tasty it was too. After getting back to the boat I put together the cupboard that Bash and Sam brought with them, whilst the others caught up with the Sunday papers. We were late setting off and had to go to Hen Hull Wide moorings to turn round. Bash was on the helm past the all the moored boats and he hadn't lost his touch. He made a very good job of winding the boat too. It was relatively quiet with the late hour as we repassed Nantwich and headed south.

Bash at the helm.

As we passed a field of heifers one got a little too nosy and fell in the cut. I thought that we would have to stop and drag it out again but fortunately it was at a shallow spot and was soon out un-aided. 

We were soon at Hack Green Locks and Sam was out and helping with the locks. This is her first outing on a narrow boat but I hope it wont be her last. Once clear of the locks she took the helm and did very well, picking it up quickly.

Tony supervising Sam at the Hack Green Locks with the old stables in the background.

About half an hour later we turned into Overwater Marina as Helen will be staying here whilst I go home for a few days. We filled up with water ready for the morning. It is very quiet here.


  1. you have lost loads of weight dad ! Can't wait to see you :)

    1. Living on salad as the summer has been good is the main thing I reckon, and the general change of lifestyle too of course. Can't wait to see you too.