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Monday, 12 August 2013

Back Home for a bit.

After a very good nights sleep in an extremely quiet Overwater Marina we were late up and didn't get on the road until after 1030. Mind you it was hard to leave Helen, Macy and the boat to go home. After having spent at least  six months apart every year for long enough it is difficult to leave these days.

A bit of a bracing wind to say good bye.

Boats as far as the eye can see in Overwater marina from the visitor moorings.

The run home was made in good time. As we pulled up on the drive Bash told me that the garage door wasn't working and I wondered what else was kaput. The grass wasn't too long but I think that is more down to drought conditions than anything else. The  garden hasn't got too out of hand during the growing season but there  will have to be some serious pruning and clipping later in the year. There was nothing in the fridge but that was to be expected.

I spent an hour or so going through the stack of mail that had built up and placed them in piles of importance. Car road fund tax and contents insurance to sort first. I also  have to submit my tax return this time home too. It will be interesting finding all the bits and pieces of paperwork that are required. They are all there but they get placed in all different bits of the filing cabinet and it takes time to track them down. I will then have to try and fix the garage door. I think that the it is set too low as it it closes and then  goes straight back up so at least the motor is working.

I am wondering weather I will be able to wake up in the early hours to see if I can see the peak of the Perseids meteor shower as the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet debris passes us again. There could be up to 100 shooting  stars every hour at it's best so worth getting up if you have a clear night.

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