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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tinsley together.

We were all ready for the off at 0900 to share the locks down with another boat. This would make the lock work easier and save water and even electricity as they pump water back up to the summit pound. We had seen 'The Huntsman' at the basin in Sheffield. It seems that she was a Springer that had been replated and gutted. The new owners had taken her to Sheffield to have work done and once there had been told that no they couldn't have the work carried out. Nigel was our C&RT guide today for the full flight and all went well until Jordan's Lock where there was a full tree trunk stuck across both gates. We managed to move it out of the way enough and for long enough for us to get in the lock. As soon as we closed the gate the wind blew it across again.

Sharing the locks with 'The Huntsman'.

 I hope people take notice of the anti littering slogan here.

Just outside is a large Eon Biomass power station. It seems that these are now taking over from the 'normal' coal power stations with cooling towers. It is all good stuff but it depends on where the raw material comes from and how it arrives. All very good if it is a local supply or is brought by river/canal/rail, but if it is trucked in from distant parts it strikes me as a bit of a backward step.

As we cleared Ickles Lock I heard a splash and looked over the side to see a pole sticking up. I thought we had just run over a floating bit of wood. I then noticed the hole drilled in the end and on checking the roof realised that it was our boat hook. I had used it to move the tree trunk earlier and it had worked its way over the side unseen. It was sticking in the mud. Turning was easy as we were just about to pop out into the river section so the current took us round. After recovery we were off again.

Our boat hook recovery took place right outside the new New York Stadium of Rotherham United.

Rotherham lock has a busy route over it so we were scrutinised as we worked through. The only question we got asked was what flowers they were on the roof. I must say they do make a nice show and have survived well through the winter. The lock has to be left with a paddle up at each end as the river supplies the pound through the lock.

Gongozzlers watching our every move at Rotherham Lock.

I was hoping that we would pass the 'Humber Princess' on her discharge berth but she had sailed before we got there. It wasn't long after that we were back on the visitor moorings at Eastwood Lock and hanging out our remaining damp washing in the strong wind with the bright sun keeping the batteries well topped up.

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