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Friday, 25 April 2014

Going abroad.

It was a drizzly day when we set off but the weather soon perked up when we got to the African climes in Rhodesia! The village of Rhodesia is just outside Worksop, and like the country is said to be named after somebody called Rhodes who was the local Colliery Chairman. We were very international as just on the hill is a farm called California, and further down the canal is a town called Wales!!

No passport required here, but they aren't pygmies either.

We were soon up the six locks to Shireoaks Marina. I was expecting a tiny place as they recommend a longer boat going in stern first. How ever there is plenty of room inside it is the turning back into the canal when going up hill that becomes tight.

Not quite my best side at Doefield Dun Lock.

Once we got moored up we had a cuppa and then went for a walk. We got here in the dry and then decided to go for a walk once nit had started to rain? We did a circuit round the village. There was a pit here from 1854 to 1990. The site has now disappeared under lots of woodland and park. The only remains seem to be these pulleys from the head gear and a little monument dedicated to those who worked there.

The remains of Shireoaks Colliery.

The station seems to be unmanned so we will have to buy tickets on the train when we go to Chesterfield.

On our berth in Shireoaks Marina that is a little oasis.

The entrance to the marina, the canal is just through the bridge.


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