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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Back to the bottom being near the top.

Today has been overcast and so the wind has been very cool. Helen started partially clad, for her, and steadily added layers as we went on. The canal seems to be shallow, especially when compared with the South Yorkshire Navigations and the River Trent!

Helen now has a little step so she can see where she is going. I thought she would do better to wear her glasses, but what do I know.

The canal winds away round the hill with the land sloping away on one side to the flat carr lands with the odd farm dotted about. We followed a kingfisher but it didn't oblige us by sitting still long enough for a photograph. At Shaw lock we came across another boat at the foot of the lock and thought that we would have somebody to share with, but it turned out to be a boat trainer with a couple being tutored and he wanted to have the lock to themselves so waved us through. It wasn't easy as their bow was sticking out with only the one gate open and a by wash pushing me too. I'm glad I didn't scratch their boat.

The canal at bridge 75 near Gringley on the Hill.

We decided to stop at Drakeholes after the tunnel. We got there and there were two boats moored their and we squeezed on feeling a little guilty as there was a winding hole there too. However before we had had our lunch the two had moved on so we could move well clear as we knew the training boat was winding here. Drakehole tunnel is only short but has a left hand turn straight after, at the berths. The moorings used to be a wharf where goods were transshipped between boats and road transport. Just up the hill is a big old building that was a pub and was the site of an old stage coach house.

Drakeholes Tunnel.

After lunch we decided to go for a walk to see the estate village of Wiseton. The later day Hall is hidden behind a wall but seems to belong to Richard Budge who was 'King Coal' at one time after the NCB privatisation. It seems to have gone wrong since then but by the looks of things he still has a bob or two.
One of the Wiseton Estate cottages.

It seems that there is a training stables here too as we could see a gallop in the fields next to the canal and in the village is a beautiful stable block. I'm not sure if it is still for horses as it looks more like homes and all the other buildings in the village have been converted too.

Wiseton Stables.

As we have been coming up the cut we have seen some black headed grass that I don't recall having seen before. I have taken a picture and will try to identify it latter. 

Mystery grass.


  1. Hello Helen and Tony
    Loving your blog Tony! My parents best friends used to live in Gringley on the hill and i'd forgotten about it. And when i saw that you'd been through Drakeholes I could have cried.... with happiness. Jon and I used to go there nearly every Sunday afternoon for a walk when we were going out. It was so peaceful around there. Then once we'd moved to Hull we went back when we were feeling home sick. Its bringing back some good memories.
    Happy Easter to you both!

    Lots of love Heather x

    1. Hi, Drakeholes is a nice spot. I'm glad that we brought back some memories for you both. I hope you have a very nicer and peaceful Easter. The area is a surprise to us as we didn't expect it to be quite so rural.