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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Friend bearing gifts.

We went to explore the Saturday market and other shops this morning and our first stop was A.W. Bacon and Sons on Carolgate. They had lovely pies, cheeses, hams etc etc and there were queues of assistants waiting to serve you and all at very reasonable prices. We succumbed to a pork pie that I can safely say was very tasty. We then walked on to the vast market place that had loads of stalls of all varieties. Helen managed to find a pair of trousers at better than half price that were ex M&S and then bought some webbing and ribbon from another stall for one of her projects.

A W Bacon & Sons, Retford, Nottinghamshire
A.W. Bacon and Sons, Retford.

We nest went to the Tourist Information and had a chat with the very helpful lady there. We picked up some walk leaflets and then pooped next door to Amcott House which is now Bassetlaw Museum. This building was rebuilt by the Retforn MP Wharton Amcott in around 1780. It has lovely plasterwork and was set out as a local museum which was interesting as there was information for every tatse. In 1870's the Pegler family bought the house. They were the founders and owners of the Northern Rubber Company. Alan Pegler iof the family was responsible for saving and restoring the Flying Scotsman.

#Bassetlaw Museum
Amcott House, Bassetlaw Museum, Retford.

Around lunch time our very good friend Chris arrived. I think it was as much to show us his new car as to see us. (Only joking Chris). We came bearing gifts of tea loaf, rhubarb, licorice all sorts and beer! We spent the afternoon chatting and then decided to go out for a meal before he left for home. 

Chris and Helen too full to move after a pudding at the White Lion, Retford.

Too many Captains on this bridge.

I would like to announce my new position that I have acquired recently. The good thing is that it means I can continue cruising on the canals and undertake my part time role as Surveillance  Camera Commissioner. I am looking into whether the use of cameras will impinge on our personal freedoms, and how best to maintain the balance between safety achieved by the use of cameras and the possible loss of privacy to the individual that they may lead too. I don't know who this Tony Porter is but he must have taken my job I reckon.

Last night was nice and quiet and tonight there are three boats moored here so I expect that it  will be more of the same. We will move on a little tomorrow as we near the assault on the summit of the Chesterfield.

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