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Monday, 21 April 2014

Liquorice allsorts.

After a bit of a discussion we decided that we would stay put and have a lazy day. the sun was shining and it felt nice and warm for loafing about. Mind you there is loafing and loafing and it wasn't long before I thought I would splice up the tyres/wheels that we had found on the banks of the Humber when we were home. I thought they would make good fenders. I spliced a short eye in one end and a back splice in the other and then a figure of eight knot so that it doesn't pull through. I have these big ones and then a couple of smaller ones too.

Various tyres that we found on the banks of the Humber after the winter floods and high tides.

We ran the engine to get a load of washing done as the sun was shining and the breeze blowing. We place the whirly gig on the swans neck tiller, standing between the mooring ropes on a wooden block and then just cable tie the central stem to the tiller. It works well and means there is nothing to get in the way and we don't need to bang anything in the ground and hope it holds.

 Clothes drier attached to the tiller, standing in a wooden block. Note the cowslips on the far bank.

Helen found plenty to do as well. She even saved me some of the liquorice allsorts that Chris had brought for us the other day.

As the weather was so good I decided I would rub down the fore deck paint work that I had painted earlier and had got dimpled when it started to rain as soon as I had finished. It took a little while and I consoled myself that if it wasn't perfectly smooth it could act as a non slip type textured surface.

Before starting to run it down.

I then thought I would break out the magnet and go 'fishing'. I spent an hour or so and found nothing but a fishing hook and a rod stand! Looking back I saw the skies darken and got the washing in. Of course it then started to rain. I only hope that the paint work had long enough to harden off to prevent it being dimpled again. Mind you the bare spots are certainly getting plenty of coats of paint. All in all a bit of all sorts for the day of rest.

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