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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Beautiful buildings.

The morning started beautifully so it was time for Helen to give my hair a trim. The two boats were off too, but as they were heading the other way it was fine. Just as we were about to let go a boat chugged past going our way though. We gave them plenty of time before setting off and then moved towards Osberton Lock. It was a surprise to see another boat coming down! We did a little bit of a shuffle as they wanted to be on the lock landing. Just after the lock you pass Osberton Hall but to gain permission to build the canal over the land it was stated that the tow path had to be on the opposite side to the house. There were no good clear views of the buildings but the stables were splendid enough and I would say that they may well be spending as much on the house as they bought it for judging by the plant and scaffolding about.

A bluebell wood near Osberton Hall.

Just after the Hall we came across one of the two hire boats based on the Chesterfield Canal. They very kindly slowed down to allow us through a couple of bridges. Unfortunately the wind caught them and it took them a little time to get themselves clear. Two boats on the way down.

As we approached the outskirts of Worksop we passed a new bridge being built. This seems to be access to a new biodigester unit that will be attached to Manton Sewage Farm and will produce power from the sewage slurry. It is costing £15m but makes a lot of sense. Not far from there we saw this splendid building. It is the Bracebridge Pumping Station and was used as part of the towns sewage system. It was builot in 1881 and was powered by a steam driven steam engine. It has planning permission the 24 apartments but no progress since it was granted in 2006. Maybe now the economy is picking up things may happen to save the building.

Bracebridge Pumping Station, Worksop.

We soon got into the built up area and the backs of industrial units passed us by. We did pass the Worksop Creative Village with an interesting tower and other buildings. It seems that it was the Corporation yard and is owned by C&RT but is now little units for creative artist types at a rent of only about £780.

Worksop Creative Village.

We passed under the Straddle Warehouse with it's two floors for storage direct from the narrow boats moored below.
Straddle Warehouse, Worksop with Town Lock just under the street bridge.

 The hatch to take the cargo through.

We tied up just before the Town Lock and found the water point in a little locker just before the lock and filled up. We must have been on the last drops as it took quite a time. By the time we cleared the lock another boat had caught us up. It is busy, busy today. I had to stop just after the lock as we had picked up a blanket or something, but it was soon off and we continued on our way.

I don't think there was any chance of me bathing in the lock here!

The towpath was quite narrow and quite busy along the next part but we kept going up another couple of locks and moored near the Lock Keepers Pub as there was a Sainsbury's there. We had completed a wash before the water point so we hung it up with fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain. We saved £6-38 apparently by shopping at Sainsbury's so it it must have been worth it! We will head in to the town tomorrow and see how we like the place. 


  1. Seen your boat at The Lock Keeper.
    The "Creative Village" was, many, many, moons ago, the fire station and the tower was used to dry hoses apparently. What are now small workshops were stables and living quarters (mews?).
    The Straddle is up for sale, quite amazingly it isn't listed and is in danger of being demolished.
    Wouldn't go into the town at night.

    1. Hi Rojer, That was a very beautiful Fire Station. They don't make them like that any more. I was pleased to see that they are trying to make good use of it now. I noticed the Straddle Warehouse was for sale. You would have thought it could make good apartments if nothing else. I hope that Worksop isn't as bad as people say as we enjoyed our day there and of course we have to come back down.
      Cheers for now, Tony.