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Friday, 11 April 2014

Barnby Dun Roamin'.

We went to Doncaster Markets to get some more of the wool that Helen bought on the way up, and a look for a pair of boots as one of my soles has decided to part company with the upper. We got the wool but not the boots. We set off and passed Gas House Bight that was the remains of a wharf for a gas works. It looked like it would make a great marina but is just unused. A little further on was Strawberry Island Boat Club.

There are narrow boats and plenty of very expensive cruisers here.I spotted one with a bow thruster.

There is only Long Sandall Lock and we were able to go straight in as two boats had left Strawberry Island Boat Club ahead of us. We were then head of the pack so after passing the huge Pilkington Glass Factory that was built in 1920's and then Sandall Grove Church. It is now isolated as the building of the factory moved the village away.

Pilkington Glass Factory.

Sandall Grove Church. Not in use but well cared for and used for special days.

We just then had to pop through Barnby Dun Lift Bridge and settled on the mooring just the other side. The washing had finished and it was hung out in the sun. After lunch I set to sand down the fore deck. I only had a bit of sand paper and the bloke moored ahead of us took pity and lent me his sander. All it cost was about 45mins conversation, and the sander must have saved me much more than that. We noticed that C&RT arrived at the bridge so guessed that the 'Humber Princess' would be on her way down to Goole, and as it was daylight we hoped to get better photos.

A lot lighter in ballast and there looks to be lots of room through the bridge hole. I think she is about 6m wide and the locks/bridges are 20m.

This photograph gives a good comparison of the sizes of us and them. The helmsman has always given us a wave as he passes. 

Once through the bridge and past the moorings he sped up a little and swung to go up the straight and was very close to the other moored boat as the stern swung.

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