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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cultural trial.

We had a little lay in today as we were going to meet out daughter from the train at just after 1100. It was a nice amble over the tram lines and past Park Hill Flats. The station was quite nice too. We had time to take some photos of the basin on the way.

Straddle Warehouse where there were berths for 5 boats to unload.

Beyond the Straddle Warehouse is the Terminal Warehouse and the grain warehouse (with the canopy). 

The entrance to the Quays with weigh bridges and offices.

After dropping stuff off at the boat we set off to explore further. We ended checking out the new Moors Market building and then back at the Museum that is off the Winter Garden. In the Winter Garden was a choir that were very good and reminded me of actually how much I miss singing in harmony every week. We went round the exhibitions in the museum and were amazed by the finesse of the of the steel work and cutlery on display. After a cup of tera and piece of cake we set off to explore the 'Echoes of the Past' walk.

Another part of the lower town with some lovely buildings. This is the Synagogue that was built in 1872.

This is the remains of Bower Springs cementation furnaces from the 1700's.

Just next door to these furnaces was the Shakespere Pub. It had won pub of the year several times so would have been rude to miss it. As we walked in there was folk music being sung by a couple of bands that were performing that night but were just jamming. There were several beers available and I tired Deception by Abbeydale, and very nice it was too. It was an old world pub with 'rustic' setting but was welcoming. We walked on and came across the 'Kilham Island Tavern'. Kilham Island is and industrial heritage site and we hope to visit tomorrow. There is also a brewery on site but I settled for a pint of Ten Bells from Glentworth Brewery of Doncaster. We then walked further round the trail and came across the 'Fat Cat'. Here I did partake of the Kilham Island Brewery Pale Rider. We had finally found some good pubs. I think my favourite beer today was the Abbeydale Deception.

We walked back to the boat and had a nice Indian Meal Deal from M&S plus extras. Tomorrow we will explore the Kilham Island Museum as the steam engine there is supposed to be in steam.

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