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Friday, 5 July 2013

What it's all about.

Wall to wall sun today so we decided to stay where we are moored. In the morning we walked intoBurscough to post a parcel and get a few bits. We stopped for a coffee before wandering back to the boat. There was still no clouds in the sky.

After lunch Helen set to on the bow catching some sun, reading and crocheting. I ran the engine as we wanted to do some washing and as the engine was running I thought I would do the little bit of ironing that needed doing. On the way back from Burscough we collected some more elder flowers to top up with elder flower cordial before they go over. After hanging the washing out I went and sat with Helen on the bow, out of the breeze, and read the rest of my book. Once that was finished I got itchy feet and decided to wash the side of the boat and then polish it too. I reckon that I will sleep well tonight.

Helen making the most of the sun  doing some reading and crocheting.

The weather improving seems to have lured boats out of marinas etc as there seems to be plenty of boats passing each way to day. One unusual one was this shed that seems to have been built on two kayaks. There was a man and woman paddling from the bow. We had seen it moored up towards Burscough and it appears to have been constructed of cupboard and wardrobe fronts. The item under the tarpaulin at the front is a piano and when it past it seemed to more of a music room than living quarters. It has moored up just up from us and we get occasional tinkles of guitar and piano playing.

The Music Raft.

I reckon somebody must have been reading my blog because yesterday on Simon Mayo's Radio 2 programme's 'Homework Sucks' item somebody from a narrow boat asked whey water fowl stand on one leg? I had asked this same question in my blog on Monday. The answer was to keep there feet warm and to rest. I'm not sure how they get much rest as I would find it more tiring standing on one leg and can't imagine that it would be different for a duck. If they are keeping their feet warm then why do they stay in the water so long as it must be colder in the water over time at most times of the year. I wonder if they limit the amount of blood that goes to their feet to prevent the core temperature dropping?

On the way back from Burscough I heard some passers by talking and they said that this whether could be staying for a month. Can that be right? I suppose it could as that would be going back to 'normal just as the English schools break up.

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