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Friday, 26 July 2013

Cheshire country.

We set off in beautiful sun again, and 1000 again too. We weren't going far so there was no rush. It seemed that others weren't so lucky as there were several boats passed us between 0500 and 0700! There was a bit of a queue for down at Stanthorne lock but not for us and we steamed on into some lovely countryside.

These cows seemed to be loitering near the canal like a bunch of yobs outside an off licence, and then I saw the tags, and knew they were all on ASBO's!

This is a former boat horse stable near Wimboldsley Hall. It has been altered to a residence. It is funny as there are no windows facing the canal and the modern doors are covered by stable doors. 

The Shropshire Union Canal Society have made several mooring places that have been kept neat and tidy for boaters. We missed a few and then ended up on one near Church Minshull. After mooring up we decided to go for a walk.

Shropshire Union Middlewich Branch towards Bridge No.11.

The River Weaver on the walk into the village.

St. Batholomews Church, Church Minshull. It was built around 1704 but after several fires and poor internal alterations it fell into very bad disrepair in 2000 but merited complete restoration. The wrought iron work round the gate etc is listed.

The Badger Inn interior.
None of our canal guides show a pub in Church Minshull but there is one now, the Badger Inn. It looks very nice and the food looks very nice too, if a little expensive. A local told us that you can wait for 4 hours for food sometimes!

The River Weaver Valley.

The view from our mooring with Church Minshull in the distance.

Macy enjoying the sunshine, the wide towpath, very few walkers and even fewer dogs.

After we got back to the boat I managed to sit and read a book without resorting to finding a job to do. Helen found it easy to accomplish the same task!

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