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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cleaning through.

It has now become traditional, well it has happened twice, that I clean right through when Helen is due back after visiting home. That has been by task this morning. I have scrubbed the decks and they have come up nicely. I'm not sure how many boats have a vacuum cleaner aboard but for our rugs it is hardly worth it. Mind you I was on my hands and knees with a damp cloth getting all the cat hairs out of the bigger one. The smaller ones I just took out and beat them. It is a good job to do whilst listening to the test match too.

Later I decided to wash the side of the boat as the dust from the towpath has coated it. I will be turning round tomorrow so I will have the other side to do then. Several people walking past asked about our solar panels. It got me to thinking that I have not seen many boats at all with solar panels since we have been this way. I think that there were more further south. I wonder why. For me I haven't needed the engine at all since we have been moored up here. so that has saved some money and wear and tear on the engine.

It is a lovely cool evening now and Macy the cat is taking the air. She is getting brave now as she doesn't run aboard every time somebody passes. She even went up to somebody for a pet. It was a lady as she refuses to talk to men, even me most of the time. She has also got quite brave with the passing dogs too as sometimes she just sits on the back deck and stares at them as they pass. I suppose she is daring them to go for her as she would just dash inside then.

No photos today as I have been busy in the boat so maybe tomorrow.

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