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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lazing in the sun.

After catching up, with the 'Archers' (I'm not sure why we listen on Sunday to the omnibus as we almost always hear everyone through the week), we walked into Appley Bridge to buy a paper and check out the station. We seemed to walk right round the place and looking on a map I found that there is an old quarry in the middle of the place. It looks like a sandstone quarry in the past. It seems that they have passed planning to place floating homes, a restaurant and hotels in the pit now. There was a path down but as it was very warm it seemed a bit off to go down into the bottom and out of the little breeze that there was. There was a big lino factory next to the canal too. Another thing of note was a meteorite fell in the village in 1914!

Appley Bridge East Quarry.

When we had completed three quarters of the circuit we came across the shop and bought one of the last papers. I'm not sure how but the newsagent straightaway had us down as from the canal. I am hoping that it was the different accent to the local vernacular rather than the scruffiness or smell, as I had had a shower that morning, although I don't shave at the weekend if I can help it. We then found that if we had gone in an anti clockwise direction it would have been a much quicker route to the shop and we would have got the paper of our choice, but we would have missed the station.

Helen soaking up the rays.

Just getting a bit of liquid refreshment.

Moored just astern of us is 'Rock 'n' Roll' and we had a chat with George and Carol as they walked back to their boat after a walk. I'm sure they will enjoy their time in Liverpool when they get there.

Helen is off home for a week tomorrow and I have to decide whether to go with her to Wigan in the morning or leave it until later in the week. What a terrible dilemma to be in. 

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