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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ash's Test stops play.

I managed to get up the road for supplies today. It was a struggle to summon up the energy to leave, but I managed. I walked up the tow path to suss out my next mooring that is closer to the railway station and parking as we have a friend coming to visit. The The road bridge at Appley seems to mark the County Boundary but on the map it shows it down by the Waters Edge pub. I wasn't sure actually where West Lancashire was, so I looked it up. I have to confess that I am actually from Yorkshire so don't want to upset anybody. It seems that The administrative County of Lancashire was 'abolished in 1974! The southern part became Merseyside and Greater Manchester. The rest of the area was made up by districts such as West Lancashire, Ribble Valley, Rossendale and Preston. It seems that the name Lancashire is just that, a name. I wonder if Yorkshire is the same, or rather the West, East, and North Ridings that made up the old Yorkshire?

Slight exaggeration I think.

Shame about the the missing rose.

On the way to the shop I went up a couple of footpaths that went through little dells and I hoped that they would take me to a better view of the flood quarry. I was in luck and the photographs show better how extensive it is. 

Looking west across the East Quarry.

Houses with a really good view across the East Quarry.

I wonder how keen the above house will be to have floating houses, hotels and restaurants on the quarry as have had planning consent given?

I got back just in time to switch on the radio for the Test Match Special. I am not that much of a cricket fan but I do like a test match, especially the Ashes. Today's play didn't disappoint but it did mean that I didn't get too much work done. I have bottled the new elder flower cordial and prepared a couple of jobs ready to do at a later date but other than that not much else.

On the way back to the boat just as I was about to cross the cut on the swing bridge I saw a single hander approaching so was able to open the bridge for him and save him some time. I hope that they will manage to get Bridge 9 on the Leeds Liverpool fixed so that the Liverpool Link can reopen for everybody. It would along way to come to not be able to get into Salthouse Dock. On the other hand if you were stuck in the dock complex it may be a good excuse to be able to cross the Mersey to Eastham Locks and Manchester Ship Canal and then the Bridgewater!

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