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Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Territory.

Last night was very still and warm and we sat out until long after sunset. The morning was beautiful again and another late start.

Sunset over Church Minshull.

Enjoying the cool of the evening.

Whilst in a Charity Shop in Middlewich I saw a little plastic stool so thought it would do for Helen to stand on to look over the flowers when she is steering. It seems to be just about right, but I don't suppose it will last the year out but I can easily knock something up to replace it latter when she knows exactly what she requires.

Helen in the crows nest!

Setting off later meant that we were in a queue at each of the two locks today. We were about fourth in line and it took the best part of an hour to get through them. As the sun was shining it was nice to stand and chat and see what I have been doing wrong all the time. Eventually we came to Barbridge Junction and all was quiet as we popped out and turned right. This is once again new ground for us as we head up towards Chester.

Barbridge Junction.

 Not far from the Junction is the service stop at Calveley. It was a transhipment wharf and warehouse between the canal and railway just behind. We stopped to take on water and ditch the rubbish. Whilst hooking up the hose I saw a bush full of red currents and on closer inspection there was a black current bush too. I was soon picking away and couldn't believe that they were still there as they were right next to the tap! I didn't have long and to be honest we haven't got any jam jars or bottles etc to put the stuff in that we make.

Tony Picking Red and Black Currents.

The transshipment warehouse is now a full service station with showers etc and has retained it's canopy that seems to be home to house martins as well as the ubiquitous pigeons.

Calveley transhipment Warehouse and service station.

The fruits of about 30 mins labour.

I managed about 1.5 lbs. of red and 1/2lbs of black currents. By tea time the red currents were made into jelly. It is actually more like a jam. The residue will be eaten with evaporated milk I think as it was too good to waste. The black currents will be made in to a black current vinegar to have on Yorkshire puddings and pancakes.

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