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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Friends Reunited.

I moved the boat this morning at 0800 to be nearer to car parking as we have visitors arriving. This meant going through a swing bridge. I managed fine and was early enough to not hold anybody up. It would be a bit of a pain having to do loads of them though, but I suppose you just get used to them. After a quick cup of tea I hiked to the shop to get the paper and other stuff for the next couple of days. Then the Test Match was on again. I am so glad that it only went on for five days as I couldn't stand that for much longer. I wonder if the next one will be an anticlimax.

Whilst listening I set to washing the st'bd side and then when all dry I touched up some paint work making everything as pretty as a picture. Off I went to meet Helen from the train just as lunch was on in the Cricket so I didn't find out the result until we got back to the boat.

Helen's train arriving at Appley Bridge Station.

We were still waiting for our friend who was been driven up from Skelmersdale and gone 1800 there was a knock on the roof and there he was. He was escorted by three others, just to make sure that he made it! Chris is a long term friend from sea and we have had him along several times when we have hired boats in the past. This post is so late as we have been catching up. When the friends had gone we decided to move back to our old mooring to be in the evening sun, and a lovely evening it has been. We will be off on our travels again tomorrow.

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