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Friday, 19 July 2013

Down Stream.

Sunset from Vale Royal moorings last night.

Not a long day today so whilst we were moored in the shade in the morning we took advantage and had a later rising. We were still at the lock, Vale Royal, for just after 1000 and were straight in.

Vale Royal Lock signals showing both locks ready. We used the smaller right hand lock. I tried my VHF but got no answer. When I spoke to them they didn't have it turned on! When I tried them again it seems that my radio battery isn't holding it's charge but it hasn't been used for about 13 years so not surprising really.

Chris moving out of the lock on our own.

Tug 'Proceed' at Jalsea Marine's yard. This boat was completed the same year I was born. Hopefully I'm looking in a little better nick! It started life in Antwerp as the Henrick II until 1975 and then became UK flag, named Pulwell Brave and owned variously in Poole, London, Plymouth, Jersey, The Tyne and ending up Northwich in 1995 and called 'Proceed'. I'm not sure if it actually worked much after that. Looks like a nice retirement project for somebody!!

Hunts Lock with the Railway Viaduct in the background. We again used the smaller lock.

Hayhurst and Town Swing Bridges at Northwich. We found a mooring just up through the second one and it is very close to the shopping area so off we went to collect a few bits and pieces. After a bit of lunch we reversed over to the opposite bank to top up with water as it was vacant. Then we were off again down river. The flow is very gentle at the moment, as you can imagine with this warm weather.

Anderton Boat Lift from the Weaver.

As we passed the Lift we noticed that the Union Flag was at half mast. We feared the worst for Prince Phillip, the new baby etc. But once we arrived at  Saltersford Lock we discovered it was a lovely gesture for one of the volunteers that had worked there for years and had just died of Cancer.

Saltersford big ship lock as the smaller one is currently out of commission. The Keeper told us that it was over 600,000 gals of water. I don't know about you but I can't visualise that but it is over 2700 tonnes of water. (Just think of that many metre square boxes of water). We waited for another couple of boats to join us in the lock. Apparently the maximum number of boats they have had in the lock is 35! There were just three of us today. The Keeper was a mine of information and, along with all the keepers we have come across so far have been keen to pass on their stuff and help in anyway they can.

Acton Bridge Swing Bridge. It looks like the whole mass is pivoted round the fulcrum by a wire run  round the drum back on to a winch in the brick built shed on the island.

Our mooring for the night just up stream of the last lock, Dutton Lock.

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