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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Travelling by train.

We  were up a bit later than normal. It was like been on holiday! I did the chores and packed. That reads throw stuff in a carrier bag and make sure I have all the charging units for the stuff I am taking home. Life's essentials seem to have changed these days. 

Shobnall Marina Burton on Trent with our boat far right of the top tier.

We took our time walking to the station and as we passed St Paul's church there was such a commotion we wondered  what was going on. It looked like a bird of prey being mobbed for it's catch. Watching for a while it seemd that a kestrel had a good catch but it was it's own young that were mopping it. It looked like they were nesting on the tower of the church and there were two possibly three chicks that had fledged. It was a  nice sight to see.

We passed the Town Hall that actually started out as the Liberal Club and St. Paul's Institute. The Old Town Hall was condemned and the council were holding meetings in the back room of the Angel pub. Lord Burton offered them the Liberal Club. It was handed over in 1892 but still offered the programme of the Liberal Club. The original building is everything to the left including the bell tower. The more decorated wing to the right was  added in 1894, paid for again by Lord Burton. Further room was again required and a more modern art deco style building was opened  further to the right in 1939. Since 1974 it has actually been East Staffordshire that have been based here. When we passed on Thursday there was still a party of disco going on in the old Liberal Club part  of the building. The statue in the square opposite is quite rightly that of Lord Burton.

The Midland Railway Grain Warehouse No.2 has been  converted to a Travelodge and is still a lovely building and it is great that a use has been found for this industrial building. It was built between 1880 ans 1890 to house the grain used by the brewers that was brought in by the railways.

The train journey went well  with a change at Sheffield with a 20 min wait and then straight through to Hull. All in all about three hours. I then got the bus home and had a nice natter with an older lady whose husband used to work at the same place as my Dad, whose birthday it would have been to day, and who was actually born in Burton on Trent! There were a few coincidence in that lot and could be thought of as quite spooky by some.

My Mum looked well and  fed me a  good  meal so all in all a good day.

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