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Friday, 13 June 2014

Onto the Erewash canal.

We spent the morning looking for some DIY stuff at Homebase etc and then on to Sainsbury's to fill up for the next few days. When we got back to the boat we had a cup of tea. the day was hot and that is just what we needed, along with some lovely fruit loaf that Helen had baked the other day. The canal had seemed quite busy but when we set off for the couple of miles to Beeston Lock back onto the Trent we only saw a couple of other boats. Before returning to the Trent we filled with water and got rid of the rubbish.

Beeston Lock from the River Trent.

Barton Island in the River Trent. It was bought by the City of Nottingham Scouts for an activity Centre in 2008 after laying empty since 2003. They have had to do plenty of work on it I should think.

Each stretch of the river has a different character and this part is more like what you would expect from a river inland. We were soon at Cranfleet Lock where the river weir is circumvented by a cut. There is a stop lock on the other end that is normally open.

Waiting for a couple of boats to pen up and then a brand new boat to come down. Mind you they have had to take the boat back to the builder twice and it has to go again too. Cranfleet Lock. We then shared the lock with another boat going down the River Soar for the weekend.

We have come from 'up north'.

Trent lock is soon upon us where there is a crossroads of left to the River Soar, straight on for the Trent and Mersey ans right for the Erewash Canal. We are passing through the Trent Lock and up into the Erewash to see what we can see. There seem to be quite a few people about and of course just as we arrive there seems to be activity. Just as we were going to push open the gates as the lock was in our favour somebody started to fill it to come down. Oh well no hurry.
Trent Lock Entrance

This popped out of the lock ahead of us. Steam boat 'Petagin' that was built in 1933 on Oulton Broad and refurbished in 1983.

We penned up and only went a little way before finding a mooring. After another cup of tea I had the energy to wash the st'bd side a,d then required my tea! I managed to drag Helen off for a walk in the lovely evening and saw the Long Eaton District Scouts going down in a motor boat and two rowing boats to another activity centre on the other bank of the Trent. There doesn't seem to be any land access and makes a great water sports centre for them. We had a pint at the Trent Lock pub. (Broadlands Brewerey, Norfolk Hawker) and then wandered back.

I don't know how they decided who got a ride and who got to paddle but it was cute to see.

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