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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hale and well met.

The rain this morning put us off stepping into town early so after topping up with water, getting rid of our dirty oil thanks to the Burton Boat Company we were ready to sail. However we had a text from Marilyn and David on the 'Waka Huia' that they were passing and we should meet up. I had just gone to confirm we could take fuel and walked back to the boat when they arrived at the marina and so we walked round to show them to the boat. We had a nice chat, tea and cakes etc and got to know each other and generally chewed the fat. The rain had stopped so we all trooped of to inspect their boat. We thought that it was the first boat we had been inside since getting our own and it was interesting to see how the other half live! Their boat looked very long as you could see right down to the bow from the stern and ours has a bathroom about two thirds from the stern. Inevitably the party had to break up as we all had chores to do. They were both very happy to be off and running as they have had a few problems with engine etc but with it all solved they are looking forward to the next months on the cut. Hopefully we will meet up again somewhere.

L to R David, Marilyn, Tony and Helen

We then finally took on our fuel under their covered entrance that must have been the Bond End Canal and Trent and Mersey stop lock. Full to the brim and all bills paid we were ready for the off. However the cut was very busy so I had Helen indicating when there was a gap for us to p[op out. Mind you she seemed more intent on having a natter with somebody on the bridge!

Waiting for a gap for us to come out and turn right back towards the Trent.

We didn't go very far, only about half a mile to Shobnall Fields off side visitor moorings. There is a lovely park with trees and the perfume of the flowers on the lime trees was very strong. I checked out with our book and they seem to be a mix of large leaved Lime and Crimean lime trees

Shobnall Fields visitor moorings.

Strongly perfumed flowers of the large leaved lime.

After lunch we went for the walk to get the bits and pieces we needed.  We passed the stock pile of beer that was ready for sale if England had got through to the knock out rounds of the Football World Cup, but is obviously not required any longer. I think we can expect the price of beer to fall soon. (In your dreams, it is just the empties!).

Just a few pints laying about here.

Just opposite the National Brewery Centre is this building. It is the disused Magistrates Court with and entrance for the public and one for the Justices. It doesn't look used even though it is butting up against a new Police Station.

 On the towpath side opposite the visitor moorings is the Kingfisher way that is a walking and cycle route along the towpath and there are a pair of these carvings to mark the start.

I had worked out our route and as we were in now hurry we didn't bother moving on today. It will be nice to underway again tomorrow and see what befalls us then.

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