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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Finishing at Fiskerton Fen.

After getting Helen a cup of tea I set off to walk into Woodhall Spa to find a Sunday newspaper. It was a lovely morning and it was a pleasure to be out. We set off later than normal but it was a pleasure to be on the river this morning.

This is Stixwold Station that has been converted to a private house. How cool to have your lounge in a signal box.

 I saw these beautifully marked ducklings and then realised that the parents were different. I had never seen, or recognised at least, a shelduck before.

We continued chugging along with the river to ourselves. We arrived at Bardney Lock and were surprised to find that the gates were already open so we went straight in. Just as I was shutting the gates it became apparent that a cruiser above the lock had opened them for his two pals that arrived. They were too big to fit in with us so we penned up first and they had to wait. I did do the gates for them as we pulled just out of the lock and onto the water point so whilst filling I could help them.

 Helen deeply engrossed in the Sunday paper as we arrive at Bardney Lock.

We continued on a little way and stopped at Fiskerton Fen again. There were two other boats there when we arrived but they left soon afterwards. Nothing I said I hope. Whilst the weather was good I decided to paint the engine hole floor plates that I had anti rusted previously. I am not altogether happy with the results but we will see what happens. Later we decided to change our planting as the winter pansies were getting a bit raggedy at last. 
Our winter pansies that we planted up on 18th September last year and they have just kept going and going. Money well spent as many people over that period have commented on them.

 Our new planting with nicotina, geranium, petunias and trailing lobelias. They don't look much now but with luck they will bulk up quickly.

Peace reigns at Fiskerton Fen moorings.

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