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Monday, 2 June 2014

Lincoln for liaison.

It didn't matter what the weather was like this morning as of the first of June I am in shorts what ever the God's throw at me. However just for the record it was dull and drizzly and warm.

We set off and headed for Lincoln. We didn't see another boat and only the odd cyclist on the Water Rail track. And after about an hour the drizzle stopped and the sun came out and made it even more lovely. We were arriving in Lincoln and expect our daughter to arrive for a quick visit later in the day.
As we were getting close to the lock I just caught a glimpse of the Vulcan Bomber flying over Lincoln and managed to get Helen out to see it too. What a beautiful shape it is.

Aren't cygnets so cute? And the parents appear so attentive.

Normally heron's don't pose and fly off before you get to them. This time I was already to get a shot of the take off, and it stood and posed!

From a distance these swans looked like marker buoys. I think that they must reach down to get their weed and put the top of their heads in the mud on the bottom, hence the red or brown stains on a lot of their heads.

We penned up through Stamp End Lock and went immediately on to the water point to top up with water for Helen. It didn't take long to fill and we were off again. Our plan was to go through the centre and along Brayford Pool to see if there was any room on the Visitor Moorings. There seemed to be a lot of people about as we went through the very narrow narrows to the Glory Hole

Vaulted roof of the Glory Hole bridge that is actually two bridges next to each other these days.

As you approach the Brayford Pool you see this written on the bridge.

When the other side of the bridge you have this question.

After lunch we went for a look around the local shops to get a few things but they had none of our requirements so we went to the pub for a drink. I had a Roaring Meg from Springhead Brewery. I was disappointed as it wasn't as advertised, sweet, citrus honey aroma. Once back at the boat we heard a noise and looked up to see the Vulcan Bomber flying low over the city again.

Not my photo.

Now hoping that Amy finds us easily.

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