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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Off home.

The boat is a lot more full with three of us but it was nice to have Amy with us for a short while. After getting up the girls decided that they needed a bit of window shopping so we set off to go up the High Street and Steep Hill. The girls liked poking about in the nick knack shops and the clothes shops and it was a nice day for a walk for me too.

Outside Cathedral House in Lincoln.

Up Steep Hill. It was nice of them to put the flags out for us.

After a sausage sarnie on the boat  we set off home. I was popping home to check that we still had one, and to see my Mum. Amy let me drive and it is a rare treat for me. The A15 can be very boring normally but the novelty of been behind the wheel instead of in front of a tiller mean't that it passed quickly abd we soon arrived at the Humber Bridge.

View of the Humber Bridge as you approach from the South Bank.

An ebb tide and the first of  many mud banks begining to show at Chalder Ness. I hope to be bringing  the boat down here from the Trent or Ouse and moor in the Hull Marina before heading up the  River  Hull to Beverly and towards Driffield.

When we got back I can confirm that the house  was still there. It was a quick beans on toast as Amy was going out. After a sort through the mail etc I set to and cut the grass and started picking the weeds out of the patio and sweeping up. That is one of the drawbacks  of being away long term on the boat, the garden goes to pot.

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