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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Flying visit.

It was nice to see my Mum looking so well and happy and spend time with my daughter, but the time has passed in a whirl really. I took time this morning to check all the post and file all the accounts and receipts etc which always takes time. I'm glad I cut the grass yesterday as it has rained on and off through the day today. We went shopping to buy some wood and bits and pieces for my daughters latest project but the things I was looking for weren't around.

I did get a demijohn from my Mum's which will be good for trying to make elderberry wine later in the year. I have been looking to buy some citric acid to make some elder flower cordial but only got some in Lincoln the other day after trying all over the places you would expect to have it, Boots, baking sections in supermarkets, home brew area in Wilco's etc. It was a little independent Chemists that final had the goods.

Elder flowers.

I am blogging late as I am pretty disgusted with my self for watching two episodes of  'I want to marry Harry'. It has  brought it home to me how celebrity culture orientated America must be to have twelve girls who would actually think that Prince Harry would be involved in a TV dating game show. The progamme is that 12 American girls are brought over to a 'castle' to compete for an undisclosed person. It is actually a Prince Harry look a like. Nothing is done to dissuade them that it is the real person and they seem to lap it up. I can't believe how loud they are, how competitive they become and how emotional it is. If it was me I would run a mile straight away. The girl I thought was the least star struck and the one that would make me want to find out more, but perhaps not the best looking, was the first one to be asked to leave. What do I know. I wonder if the reverse happened and British girls were taken over there to meet the double of who ever it the new Brad Pitt the same would happen.

'I want to marry Harry' show.

I have about three hours on buses tomorrow so should perhaps get to sleep.


  1. Abi is impressed, she only managed 1 episode and was so bored with it lol. Hope you got back to the boat okay and caught up with your sleep.


  2. Two episodes? Couldn't you find the "off" button?!

    Ann x