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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Looking forward to a kip.

I am off back to the boat tomorrow and hoping that the trip is as trouble free as the one home. I do like a train journey and have to say that 99% of my journeys seem to be on time, and as we can order tickets ahead they don't seem too dear either. The trip to from Hull is nice as you pass directly under the Humber Bridge and alongside the Humber for a stretch and can often see vessels heading for Goole or down the Trent as they round the Whitton's off Brough.

Humber Bridge from the train.

As the train lines and the canals are not good at climbing hills they often share the same route and it while's away the time trying to spot the canals as you come to them. It was interesting passing through Doncaster and being able to relate the train with the canal as we had been there recently on 'Holderness'. The same in Sheffield. There is the fantastic bar on Platform 1 at Sheffield if you have a stop. It is called the Sheffield Tap and they have loads of different beers.

The bar of the Sheffield Tap on Sheffield Station.

I picked my daughter and friends up from the train today after flying into Gatwick from Croatia. Their flight was delayed five hours by the French air traffic controllers strike. They told me the time the train got in but as I was waiting I texted and asked if the time was about an hour later. I got a very grumpy text back disappointed that I couldn't even get the time right! She did brighten up though when she saw me waiting on the platform. I think that I have done most of the jobs I was supposed to do so I will be doubly glad to get back to the boat as I just haven't been sleeping well here. I seem to not get off 'till late and wake up early. It must be all the fresh air.

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