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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Going Down.

The rain on the roof didn't seem a good sign for the rest of the day but by the time we were ready to get going the rain had stopped and it was just dull and not windy though. We were soon into the first lock and starting to warm up.

Third lock and still not warmed up but the layers are starting to come off and the routine of lock wheeling is starting to come together.

Still smiling.

About half way and at Sparth Reservoir. Still smiling!

The hills behind Sparth Reservoir and the canal bridge and tow path.

Cellars Clough Mill and the rain about to start. You may have noticed that before the tunnel the lock numbers had W meaning west and now they have E meaning east.

Still smiling despite the rain.

Slaithwaite Guillotine lock. The paddle is on the gate and then you have to raise the gate straight up. It took a lot of turns of the handle too, especially in the rain.

Penultimate lock as we come into Slaithwaite. The canal was re routed through the town and runs along the shopping street. The first water tap wasn't working but we found another and filled up as we had done a wash we needed it. We decided to stop were we were. I lit the fire and got the washing on the rang to dry. We were all about done in and of course the rain stopped and the sun came out for a little while. The run down the locks was hard but the scenery was lovely. I am resolved to come back this way in the summer as I bet it is lovely then. The tow path was quite busy and people showing an interest as I don't think too many boats pass this way especially at this time of year. We will continue with the plunge down hill. It isn't quite the Cresta Run but it does feel a bit like a headlong dash down hill.

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