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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hands and knees day.

I'm not sure why but I spent most of the day on may hands and knees removing all the weeds etc from between the paving slabs of our patio. I wish I had taken a 'before' photograph as there is a lot of satisfaction in seeing it weed free. I have tried weed killing them, and water blasting them and inevitably they come back every year so I suppose I will just have to get used to doing it every year.

A job well done. Only the side of the house to do now, but that can wait until next month now.

For the hour or so when it rained I spent completing my tax return. It is a job that needs doing but I take no pleasure in it really. In the end it saves me money and that is the main thing I suppose.

The chimney bung seemed to have gone off well and truly so I prised off the mold to see what we had. The shape looks all right but the wide part maybe too thin and break off. Cement continues to get stronger the older it gets as the crystalline bonds become more and more enmeshed. In fact concrete is still getting stronger, if only very marginally, after a hundred years. So with luck the lip will get strong enough to withstand all but the strongest knocks.

The cement chimney bung with the discarded molds in the back ground.

The good news today was that my son has passed his Orals and is now a qualified Watch Keeper of the Engineering Department at sea. Next job is to get fixed up with a job! 

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