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Thursday, 10 October 2013

To the top of the canal world.

It was the coldest night so far, down to 1.9C but we were moving over to the Wool Road Transhipment shed for filling with water. We got a call from C&RT whilst filling up to see where we would be as there is only one coming through from the north end tomorrow and two of us going from Diggle. They were thinking of coming over and guaging the boat this afternoon.

Then pound between 26W and 27W was very low and we couldn't even get over the cill. It took a bit of water to get out of the lock and then a little bit more to get to the next lock. We managed to not lower the next pound too much so that we could get through okay. I suspect that there is a major leak in the pound as there were people who were checking out the water table on the other side of the Tame. 24W had to be left empty as the house next to the lock had a cellar so to prevent flooding. 26W had to be left empty too and I suspect that was to prevent losing more water.

A pound later on that had more water and with the hills in the background.

A good view of the head of the valley that we are heading for. The day had sunny intervals but also a cold wind. It merant that we had to be wrapped up. The distance to travel today was only about a mile but took us about 2.5 hours.

The clock tower building is part of the  Dobcross Ironworks and is a listed building. They used to build things to last in those does. I assume that the canal played a part in moving raw materials and finished products.

Here we are near the top. Just by the lock is a cafe and with just one lock left we decided to come back later for an ice cream. It was the best ice cream I had had for a very long time and it was made out of local milk in Saddleworth.

When we got to the top we moored near to the Old CWS Mill. It used to be a wool and cotton mill but is now several units. We went to look at the wool and craft shop but it was closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

This is the entrance to the Standedge Tunnel with a good wrought iron door.

We will go to the Diggle Hotel as there is a quiz night on and we fancy our chances with the three of us.

This is our mooring just near the tunnel entrance and our first fire in the wood burner of the season. It is a lovely heat and nicer than the Hurricane and drier too.


  1. Icecream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you all mad? Hot chocolate would be more appropriate. Good luck tonight Team Holderness!


    1. It didn't feel that cold and it was very nice indeed. It was so good we had another the next day too. We came last by ten points in the quiz but it was funn really.

  2. I'm following your trip with great interest and a degree of nostalgia... We did this journey on nb Cleddau in June 2012 - and it was well worth the effort and the occasional (mis)adventure... Good luck for the tunnel transit and the descent the other side.
    Boatwif/ nb Cleddau

    1. Sorry for being late to reply to you we had no signal and then the time seems to pass quickly. The trip through the tunnel was great and passed very quickly. I want to go back next year the opposite way. So far (we are Milnsbridge now) we have been just about trouble free with just a low pound at 26W/27W but soon had it filled up. The jazz festival was a great extra and now we are wending our way to Thorne. Thanks for reading. Tony