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Monday, 14 October 2013

Dodging the showers.

Before setting off we went for a walk round 'Slough-it' which is how it Slaithwaite seems to be pronounced locally. It didn't take too long but we did buy pork pies from Grange's the butchers. The main shops face the canal on it's new alignment with the Globe Worsted Mill opposite. I reported the gate on 22E as jammed but just got a answerphone. We finally left at about 1100 having waited for a shower to stop. The locks are further apart on this leg but the countryside was really nice and would be great to come back in the summer.

Slaithwaite Carr Lane on the left and the Globe Worsted Mill on the right and the very narrow canal between the two.

Last nights berth.

The canal closely follows the River Colne and there are several weirs to maintain water levels for the many mills along its course. The banks seem ideal for a walk.

The River Colne from the tow path.

Between the showers the sun came out and bathed the hill and stone cottages with light making a lovely contrast. Amy was driving today and got more confident at each lock.

The leaves are just turning and falling here-abouts. I suspect next week the colours will be fantastic, but maybe clogging the canal. I managed to collect a few pieces of timber as we went as with the stove light more often it will come in useful.

Titanic Mill that is a top class spa with  apartments  these days. I wonder what the old workers would think of that! It looks like a great conversion except for the low building to the left that stands out like a sore thumb!

In one or two spots the canal becomes narrowed with reeds and shallow quite far out from the bank but Amy managed very well.

There is a very understated  aqueduct over the River Colne and once over the sharp turn the sun came out and lit up the trees. The collected timber on the roof is waiting to be sawn up.

After the 21 locks yesterday the 13 today seemed  to pass quite quickly. Once moored up in Milnsbridge we had a bite to eat and as the girls got stuck in to feminine things I went out side to saw up the timber we had collected. I was finally defeated by another of the heavy showers.

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