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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Marsden Jazz.

After getting our bearings in Marsden on Friday we picked a leaflet with all the gigs on for the Jazz weekend. We sussed out where the venues were and then got an ice cream to eat on the way back to the boat. We went for tea at the railway which is just near the lock and then made our way to the Conservative Club to See The New York Brass Band that are actually from York! They were all brass with a drummer carrying his drums. The tuba was the base line and they were young lads and seemed to really enjoy themselves. They were very good and got everybody singing along and dancing and would make a great band for a wedding or something similar.

The road from the station and canal down to the town. Taken on Friday.

The River Colne runs through the middle of the town and is the reason for it's founding for a ford and power for mills. (Taken on Friday).

Mechanics Mechanics Institute, The movement to provide eductation after work and school started in Marsden in 1841 and by 1860 numbers had grown such as they needed purpose built premises and the money was raised by public subscription. The building was completed in 1861. It is a major venue for the Jazz.

We were up and out for ten o'clock as we were going on a walk with the National Trust. Unfortunately the town was sitting in the cloud and it was damp and a little windy so not the best weather for a walkabout about twenty turned up. The walk was up the side of the valley and very informative talks about the local history and and stories about the area. It was a brisk three miles up the valley side and then down on the towpath.

In the cloud showing Marsden at the head of the valley where a Roman Road, Pack horse road and the A62 go through and also the canal and railway. There are two large mills in Marsden but neither are working now. The church on the right marks the crossing point of the Colne.

Our walk gave us a good view of the four tunnel portals at the North end. The building on the right is the Standedge Tunnel Centre and the canal entrance can just be seen there and is the lowest of the four tunnels. Above the bridge is the twin track rail tunnel that is still in use and the newest of them to be built. To the left can be seen the two single track tunnels the one on the right is still used for road access for the vehicles to follow boats passages through the tunnel.

The walk finished right by the boat and came us just enough time to dash down the hill to get to see the jazz parade. The band were very good but it wasn't the best of weather for the followers.

The town had filled up and there were throungs watching and listening as the band moved around the central streets of Marsden and really lifted the mood despite the weather.

The parade include several age groups of cheerleaders and a kazoo band and these little ones dressed as sheep. A sheep is the symbol of the Festival.

Later in the afternoon we went round to the Marsden Socialist Club to see the Bad Ass Brass Band. It turns out that they were the band that were in the parade, and were all brass again with a drummer. They were great musicians. On the parade they played New Orleans Jazz but their set was much more varied but was very enjoyable, and was packed. We went back to the boat to have with our meat pie with some chips for a side dish! After that we took in another gig at the Railway Inn. It was a young lad and his group, The Alex McKown Band. They were guitar based with drums and sax. Amy went back to the boat for an early night so Helen and I took the time to demonstrate our impartiality by going to the Liberal Club to hear the Prohibition Swing Club. They played Western Swing but it sounded like a cross between skiffle and american country music. It was good to see but not my type of thing I think. That was another late night for us and with a long day tomorrow I wasn't expecting an early start.
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    1. Hi Carol/George,
      Thanks. I'm not much of a cameraman and my daughter took a couple of them. It was a great weekend, and such a surprise for us. I don't suppose you will be heading up here any time soon now you are into the big boats. You wont know what to do with all that space. Good luck with the build. Tony