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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Slow Day.

It had rained through the night until about 0900 and then stopped but never looked like clearing up. We had decided that we would crack on with the jobs aboard as it wasn't the best weather for gadding. There was the loo to sort out and the shower to finish off, and to get on I sent Helen off to the Tourist Information Office in Albert Dock to purchase an electricity card for the shore electrics on the berth. There were 7 Kw on when we arrived but that had dwindled so we got a 10 Kw card for £1-98 to last us through the rest of the stay. We have already lengthened our stay as we were due to leave on Saturday but have now extended to depart on Monday. We don't have to be in Wigan until next weekend so we have plenty of time. Helen went off to buy the electricity card and as I would  be busy with the loo I told her to check out the Tate Gallery. I must confess as to not really being bothered about missing a modern art exhibition so it would be good if she went on her own. By the time she got back the deed was done and everything was smelling of roses again. I just had to finish off the shower etc and that was another job completed. There were no leaks this morning so I am hoping that it is sorted for the time being.

Compared with yesterdays picture the shower doesn't look too bad.

When Helen got back she set too doing some baking and at the end we were better off by some Chocolate and walnut cookies and a Victoria sponge cake. I was also bottling the elder flower cordial that we had been making. It is a very different taste and is very refreshing. I think once we get out into the country the  blooms will have gone over so we may not be able to make more. We saw the bottles in Wilkinson's at a very reduced price so another good buy.

Three and a bit bottles of Elder flower cordial.

The ironing then beckoned and we took it is turns to crack on with it with the electricity meter  topped up. By then it was getting to the evening and we decided to go out for a drink early. We consulted the map of 125 pubs in Liverpool and decided on the Ship and Mitre. When we got there we remembered that we had been there on out last visit to the city. It was 81830 and heaving. I had a pint of Sandstone bitter from the Sandstone Brewery, Wrexham. It was very nice and hoppy fruity. Helen had Aspalls cider. We then proceeded up the road and went to the Vernon Arms and again realised that we had been there before. Here I had A Reverend James Bitter from Brains Brewery Cardiff. Helen had a Black Dragon welsh cider. Both pubs were busy and quite old fashioned, and busy. We had set our limit to three drinks and headed to the Poste House that we had been directed too previously. We got there to find there was no real ale and the place was a bit of a den of iniquity. I had to settle for a rare pint of Guinness an Strongbow cider. It was so disappointing the Helen said that we had to find a proper drink before completing so off to Rigby's. It turned out to be a cracking pub. Again busy but with a good mixed crowd. By the time I got the drinks in Helen was chatting to a couple of locals and we were there for longer than expected as they bought us another drink. It was Okells Bitter Brewed in the Isle of Man. Helen has a Thatchers Gold cider which is one of her favourites. Since being here my best pint has been a Lion bitter breweed specially for the Lion Tavern, which is also a cracking pub. We finally got back to the boat at 2245 and took a photo of the Echo Wheel near Albert Dock still going round.

Liverpool Echo Big Wheel.

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