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Sunday, 2 June 2013


We are moored almost on the aqueduct so in the sunshine nicely for the solar panels. We went into town for the Sunday Paper and a wander round. There was a small park with the war memorial. It was amazing to see so many names on the memorial for WWI. Many more than for Leek. I expect that there was a Pals regiment and everybody would have joined up together and they would also be in a very bad battle at the same time. There were no regiments etc on the list, just the names as there was so many.

Bollington War Memorial dedicated 23rd November 1920.

The aqueduct carrying the canal through Bollington is a very solid affair. It reminds me of the Arc de Triomph. The banks are actually stone lined so would look very different if the weeds were cleaned off. I suppose the litter would show more then though. We were going to move on into the coutry but decided to stay and get a few jobs done. We washed down the port side and polished it too. I then made so 'bungs' for the heating pipework through the skirting board, and then put some insulation under the bed. I also ran some silicon round the shower again. Then it was tea time so we have stayed here.

Bollington Aqueduct.

We had thought about going for a walk up to White Nancy on the Kerridge Hill. We obviously didn't. It was built by the Gaskell Family said to be to commemorate the Batlle of Waterloo.

White Nancy, painted to celebrate the Queen's Anniversary.

As the out riders of the Pennine Hills are now evident and there seems to be a profusion of mills it seems to be a proper time to declare that we are now in the north again. As the mills are the 'symbol' of the west of the Pennines the bottle kilns are the symbol of the Potteries. I haven't included any up until now so here are a few.


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