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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Marple Locks.

We were late setting off and had about 40 minutes to the top of the locks. It seemed very quiet. We knew one other boat had gone down before us , so as expected just about every lock was against us. We set to with a will and were making good progress.

Waiting for the top lock, first of 16.

Not only did we have to wait and fill most of the locks the gates are heavy and the paddle gear was very tough. How ever we soon got into a bit of a swing of things and as the locks were very close together it was quite pleasant. The first few locks seemed to be incorporated into the front or back gardens of the houses. It was a very nice walk and there were plenty of Gongozzlers. None seemed to offer to help Helen with a gate and  some appeared to have never heard of a lock before!

This out of one lock, into the short pound and open the paddles to get the lock full. By then Helen has closed the last lock gates and dropped the paddles.

Waiting for a lock to fill and still with a smile on her face.

When we got to this lock somebody had come up and emptied the lock. They were nowhere in sight and we had to wait about 25 minutes before they approached the lock. He did come and apologise to us but also said it was just him and his wife and he was trying to make things easier. It was quicker for them but not only made us wait but wasted water. Also it seemed that there were three of the em any way. It is surprising how irritating this is and people just being selfish. I was told yesterday of a bloke who was in a lock and having his dinner and refused to move despite people waiting. I think I would take his licence number and report him to the C&RT.

Here we are at the bottom. We tied up and celebrated with a cup of tea and a toasted tea cake. It had taken us around 3 and half hours including the holdup so I reckon that wasn't bad at all.

After moving on through the narrows that used to be Rose Hill tunnel but has had it's 'lid' taken off we moored up with loads of Brent Geese goslings and then put the washing out to dry. We decided to go for a bit of a walk to see the Railway Viaduct and canal aquaduct from below. Unfortunately we could get a good view of it but it did give us a bit of a warm down. It is a very similar set up to that at Chirk on the Llangollen Canal.

Hyde Bank Tunnel awaits us tomorrow. It is only 850yds but is one way, and is just round the corner from our berth.

This is our nights mooring just after the Rose Hill cutting and bridge.

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