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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Out of the City at last, EXTRA.

New apartment blocks between Castlefield and Salford Quays.

Old warehouse with very sturdy walls, very little windows and no doors except one. I thought that this must have been a 'fireproof' repository or for high value goods.

Old Trafford, homke of Manchester United. I wonder how long it will be before the photographs of Sir Alex Ferguson will be taken down. The stand name will remain of course.

Waters Meeting Junction. No boats in view but just afterwards there was plenty of action. We turned right.

Barton swing road bridge from the Barton swing aqueduct. The section over the canal is sealed off by hydraulic gates and the whole is swung, canal and all, to allow the passage of vessels too tall to pass under.

Looking towards Salford from the swing aqueduct you can see the green vessel. However this vessel, Arklow Field, probably will not have needed the bridge to swing as it is equipped with a hydraulic wheelhouse to lower down when required.

Munton Lighthouse built by Paul Austin.

Worsley Packet house and boarding steps. The entrance to the network of canal tunnels to the Duke of Bridgewater's mines is just to the right of the Packet House.

Macy enjoying stretching her legs in the countryside near Astley Green.

The winch for Astley Green Mine with the Yates and Thom compound steam engine either side of it.

The head gear of Astley Green Mine through the window of the Winch House.

The Entrance to Astley Green Mine with the wrought iron head gear. The gates closed on production in September 1970. It said in the guide book that they reminded the author of the gates of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I see what he means.

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