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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Last Day in Liverpool.

When we woke up and filled the kettle I realised that we were short of water. I had been putting off filling up until today as firstly, we would be just about full when we left and secondly, we would have moved to a new berth and the water tap would be closer. We were originally due to leave Liverpool on Saturday. However we realised that we didn't need to be near Wigan until Monday for Helen to catch the train so had plenty of time to get there and as we were enjoying our stay here that it would be better to stay here for an extra couple of days. It all worked out but our berth had been given to another boat. We just moved positions to another vacant pontoon.

We moved at about 0930 after a lay in and a cup of tea and breakfast. It took all of 15 mins and soon we were filling up with water and showers could be had. We then decided to go and fill up with food and comestibles and then our plan was to go on a walk at 1300. As the water was filling I checked on the internet and found that there was only one walk a day and not two like the leaflet said. Oh well never mind we would find something else to do.

Two big bags of stuff from Aldi's back at the boat along with the Sunday paper meant that I was ready for lunch. The sun had come out so we sat reading the paper for a while until time to go and see about the Western Approaches Control Room museum. When we got there it is closed on Sunday's. Never mind we went looking for a new sweeping brush and other bits and pieces. As we passed the Lion Tavern we thought it would be rude not to go in and have a drink. I walked through the middle of Liverpool with a massive bag of cat litter under my arm. It was a good job nobody knows me here!

As no new arrivals had come and parked on the berth next to me I ran the electricity cable to the other feed as there was still plenty of credit on that meter. May as well have the electricity on tap whilst we can and charge everything up.

It will be an early'ish start in the morning as we have to assemble for the first look at 0900. I am sorry that we have no photographs to break up my mutterings today.


  1. We wondered where you'd gone! Did you see our washing disappear into the murky depths this afternoon? We'll be marching through Liverpool with another rotary clothes drier tomorrow! Have a safe journey.
    Tim and Jo nb Albion

  2. Hi Both,

    We missed the dunking of the drier. I hope it didn't have all the clean washing on it! Did you catch one of the jelly fish that were in the dock when you recovered it? We are sitting the other side of Hancock's Bridge now so have escaped. We had a great time but it is good to be moving again. I am glad to say that it was positively calm compared to when we arrived at Salthouse Dock. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hopefully catch up with you sometime. Tony and Helen.