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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Up hill to Birmingham.

When I got out of bed this morning I nearly fell over! No not the booze, but the fact that we had a bit of a list due to being aground! It is a short pound but the bottom gate seemed to have no leaks so I thought we may have been okay. Mind you I did think I heard a boat at about 0130. Only took a lock full to get us moving again.

The morning sun was nice and I was able to get a bit more of a long shot of the boat, complete with new double skinned chimney so as not to get tar on the new paint.

As we approached the next lock we passed under Double Bridge. I love these literal names as the bridge is double width. As it is just a farm track I wonder why they were forced to go to the expense of the extra wide span.

I'm not sure whether the route is still going through here after the recent consultations. I am a little ambivalent about HS2. My worries are not the route and the upheaval so much as the real need for a dedicated high speed line. It will provide many jobs in the construction etc and hopefully bring a boost to engineering skills etc. I am less interested in the argument regard the 'desecration of the countryside in most cases. As in the this location you can just see the power transmission pylon in the background. Just behind me is the M42, and even the canal was not wanted by many when it created havoc digging a channel right through the countryside. Nothing can stay the same and I am always impressed of the image of power on the main line when the Virgin Pendelinos pass through.

It was nice coming up the Hill to the top lock as we were able to watch four red kites wheeling and calling in the sky, and lower down there were some lapwings doing the same, all within the noise of the motorway, so they must have been making a din. As we passed through Curdworth Tunnel we met some scouts out for am excursion. It wont be too long before these trees are turning green. Some of the willows seem almost ready to burst into leaf now.

Helen always like to get a photo of the light under the factory 'bridge

We did meet one boat coming down the Curdworth locks but it has all been quiet since then. There was no traffic at Salford Junction, but plenty above on the M6. 

 We took the first left and entered the 'Saltley Cut, with out touching the sides. It is about 120 deg turn to get round.

We have never seen so much water in the River Tame. And the columns holding up the motorway, and others in different parts of the system round Birmingham remind me of a forest of trees. They do have a certain majesty about them don't you think? We didn't go far as we moored up at Star City pontoon. There is a work boat at the far end as I think they are replacing/fixing anti skid to the platform area. We have decided to give the cinema a miss tonight and stay in with a bottle of cider, or tea.


  1. Hi Helen and Tony, we are in Birmingham now near the NIA so hopefully we can catch up and see your lovely shiny newly painted boat

    1. Hi Both, We will be up in town about lunch time tomorrow. We have to buy some stuff for the boat but how about a pint or tow later?

  2. Hurray a blog post :) Holderness is looking lovely and shiny.

    1. Hi Ann, glad to oblige with your canal fix, but don't get too settled as we are back home in a few days.

  3. She looks good, how long did they have her in the paint shed for