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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Industrial landscape and art!

It chucked it down just before we got up, so we enjoyed a cup of tea in bed with the rain beating down on the roof. By the time we had had our porridge and got sorted it was down to a drizzle. By the time I popped my head out to set off it was down to just a mizzle, and that was as bad as it got all day.

Helen came out expecting the worst but the sun even came out and it was a pleasant day.

As we headed up Saltley Cut we thought that the towpath was quite clean. I definitely that the plastic bag ban has had an effect on the rubbish in the canal. I wish they could do something about plastic bottles as they seem to be be the most numerous objects now, along with glass bottles. I'm not sure whether it is because I have become much more cultured since the start of Hull's City of Culture, but some of this graffiti is quite 'arty'. At least there is no swear words etc.

I have christened this the 'skip tip'. It is where old skips go to die.

I think that this stretch of the canal would be a good one to adopt as the towpath is quite green and there are a few people about too. With a bit of TLC, despite the painted walls and derelict factories, it could be very attractive

This was after our regulation trip down the weed hatch. Plenty of plastic but now seems to be those tougher, the 'bags for life', than the old ones. Last time we came this way we had clothing round the prop which was a bit more difficult to clear. I'm pretty sure that this new propeller of ours has more of a tendency to 'collect' debris.

As we got to the top of the Garrison Locks there is a long straight with plenty of bridges. Today there was a smallish fishing competition going on. Today they were all nice and friendly and we didn't have to play chicken with them. That is when you approach but they don't let on that they have seen you until the very last minute and lifts their pole up just in time!

After we had negotiated Bordesley Junction and turned right towards Warwick Bar we approached this tree. Once more I think I have been over cultured as from a distance this tree looked like an art installation, where the artist had spent hours choosing where to hang each piece of rubbish and it is supposed to describe the end of the world or some thing. In actual fact it was a tree next to a plastics recycling place. I am not sure what C&RT can do about companies on the off side that pollute the canal but some are making a real mess of our canals.

Just to show that my 'culture radar' hasn't gone completely awry her was some graffiti that is very good indeed.

The banana dock at Warwick Bar is looking decidedly unloved. I suppose it will just fall in to disrepair unless a use can be found for it. Maybe a floating cafe with a little swing bridge across the Bar?

We resisted the delights of Typhoo Basin, even though we were really looking forward to a cuppa, and turned right once again. These accommodation blocks were just going up last time we passed this way and now they have students living in them. There are others going up too. These are called University Locks, where as I thought they were Ashted Locks.

We were speeding up the locks and were soon at the last lock and about to head through Ashted Tunnel. I managed to not scratch the new paint on the tunnel wall as it is a little tight here. When we got to the top we had a discussion about heading onwards and up the Farmer's Bridge flight to the city centre, but decided against it as that cup of tea was calling. We stopped in our usual spot near the winding hole by Aston University. Tomorrow we will be at the top. We have a little bit of a shopping list of things we need for the boat, and I'm sure a pint or two will be in order.

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