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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bye bye Brum.

I'm not sure what is going on but following our shopping trip on Monday, which was a big disappointment as the market wasn't open, I decided that I would pop round to Sherborne Wharf to ask where our booked mooring would be. I was therefore surprised to find everywhere locked up and the Fiddle and Bone pub looking as though it was having a total refurbishment. The office in the Round House looked open so I walked round the road was to get in. Only to find that it was just being used as a store for items out of the pub. The boaters facilities was locked up and there was nobody around to ask.

As the sun was shining I walked round to their old place round in Oozells Loop. Everywhere was locked up but there were folk moving about, so I let technology do the walking a called them on the phone. It seems that they are now based on a boat moored in the basin at Sherborne Basin in the Loop. I'm not sure whether there is fuel available etc, but it sure didn't look like it to me. I got sorted and new where I was going the next morning.

I forgot to thank Diane publicly for her generous gift of hand towels with crocheted piece that allowed it to be secured to a draw or oven rail. The idea being to prevent you using the tea towel to dry your hands. And it works, I did use the towel Diane. Thanks very much indeed, and of course I will think of you every time I get mucky hands!

Our stay aboard was quite short as we were leaving again today, Tuesday. We were packing up the bits that were going home and stowing the rest of it. Our son set out from Hull and about 1000 we started to make a move to Sherborne Wharf  where they will be looking after the boat for a week or so.. Diane and Ray came out just to check how badly I managed to back down to make the turn into the loop.

Ray and Diane taking photographic evidence of the reversing. Pleased to say there was nobody about and I didn't scratch any boats in the course of the trip. They didn't see the lovely swing and backing down into the basin between two boats, but then nobody ever does when you want them to, do they?

We were soon moored up and with the electric on. There are always lots of little jobs to do when arriving or leaving the boat and by the time No.1 son arrived and after a bite of lunch we were on our way back to Hull. Macy the cat always knows something is going on, and goes to hide. Luckily there isn't too many places she can hide on the boat so was soon apprehended and sat on the back shelf of the car. I don't thin Skye the Budgie was any the wiser, so long as there is some millet for her she will travel anywhere.

Watch this space as we are back aboard next week, for a short time.

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