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Friday, 23 September 2016

We're back.

It is great to be back for a rest as we seem to have been super busy whilst at home.

We both scrub up quite well for our nephew's wedding. We danced the night away.

The weather was superb and we couldn't resist a turn round the wild life reserve at Paull. They have breeched the Humber bank to enable it to overflow in a controlled manner and so built an habitat for birds etc between the tides. Hull is on the extreme right and the Humber Bridge, if you have good eyes is towards the left. We have lovely big skies in Hull.

Monday was when we picked up our uniforms as official volunteers for City of Culture 2017 in Hull. It all kicked off on Thursday. Helen had been to a dress rehearsal for the 'big  reveal' and I was to have been at the main event when the world's press were present, but I missed it as I thought for some reason it was in the evening, not mid after noon. Doh!!!

No trouble getting back to Barby Junction, just 2.5 hours, and found the boat just as we had left it. Macy Cat appeared to be very pleased to be back but Skye the budgie hadn't got much to say on the matter. After paying the tab we were soon off, out of the pontoon round the corner and through the gap onto the cut in one maneuver. After clearing the moorings on the offside we came across this field of christmas trees. With the very feel of Autumn and our impending return full time to house life it reminded me of the passage of time and the approach of another winter. 

Just before Hillmorton is an old wharf and apparently these buildings are the old stables attached to the wharf. They seem to make very good motel accommodation.

There is a a nice basin for a few boats at Hillmorton. I feel that it must have been a working place rather than purpose built for moorings. There are also a couple of dry docks to I wonder what was the purpose of the place. I have had a very quick look on the interweb and not found anything so far.

We stopped at The Canal Shop at Hillmorton as we need a gas bottle refill but they are closed on Friday's, oddly. Their fuel was 60p a litre if you are passing. From the car park the Royal Oak doesn't seem to be much, but when you pass on the canal you can see that it must have been a large warehouse.

We were soon at Hillmorton Top Lock and met a boat coming up at the middle lock. From then on there appeared to be a steady stream of hire boats from Kate Boats, Clifton and Viking Afloat. They seem to have picked a lovely week for the hols.

Helen taking the sweep round to the bottom lock.

Helen passing the Canal cafe that seemed to be doing a good trade at 1530. When we got to the lock Helen had a chat with a bloke who had lived for several years as a lad and had fond memories of the place. The city certainly seemed to have hit the headlines on Thursday and the BBC have promised that we will be on the weather map every day next year. It is very rarely that we are seen at the moment despite there being a huge gap of place names. It is no wonder that many folk don't know where it is. It should be on the map next year.

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  1. So that's two sales missed by the Canal Shop today!