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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Slow progress past moored boats.

It was very damp this morning but the sun came up and and we had some lovely mists swirling as it warmed up.

Looking back at bridge 45 from our overnight mooring. We didn't hear any trains this morning so I thought that the line was closed for engineering work but they came later.

The sun was soon making me feel warm on my back and it was a real pleasure puttering along, seemingly on our own.

I think this is a replica of tug 'Beeston' that was originally built at Yarwoods in Northwich in the 1930's. This one was built by David Harris of Stourbridge. A tiddly looking thing to my eye. We tied up briefly at Bugbrooke and I went into the village to get the last paper and some milk. We were on our way in 20 mins.

The distant views of undulating countryside is very alluring to me, especially in the sunshine. We stopped for water at Stowe Hill. There was a delay as there were two already taking on. I was chatting to one of them and he told me he was a 'continuous cruiser' but wasn't happy that he had a notice for not moving and had been only given a 6 month licence. When I asked him he said he had only done 19.5 miles and was aggrieved that it was almost 20?? Does anybody else think that to have to travel 20 miles in a year is a farcical definition of continuous cruising?

I thought that Weedon Wharf being right next to the railway may have been a transhipment point between the rail and canal but it seems that coal was brought in from Wednesbury, Redworth and Harecastle with that from Redworth being the cheapest. Taken out by canal timber was the main cargo, either in sawn up state of as trees in the round.

It seems that there is to be a new bridge just north of Weedon Bec. They are starting to construct a single carriageway round (although it will be made so that it can be widened in future). It is the A45 Daventry Development road. It is supposed to improve traffic between Daventry and Northampton and the M1 and relieve Flore and Weedon of traffic. It is said to cost £35 million and should be completed by 2018. It will be interesting to watch it's progress.

As we approached the bottom lock of the Buckby Flight of locks a boat arrived behind us so we had a buddy going up. It was continuous cruisers 'Alfred'

This is an old warehouse/factory using the canal in days of yore. I hate to see old building get into this state as I'm sure there could be another use for them and it wont be possible if they are just left to fall down. This one is close to Anchor House near bridge 43.

This old building was also served by the canal by the look of the doors facing the cut. It now had a few sheep sheltering from the sun.

I think these are old maltings at Long Buckby, or rather the remains of them. We came to halt in the long pound before the top lock just past Anchor Cottage Crafts. We moored up and then went to get an ice cream for our troubles. My next job was to sort out a TV picture as it is 'Poldark' tonight. After that I had to re-splice our forward mooring rope. Something must have gone past at a fair speed as it had partially pulled out. Re-done now.

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