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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

There and back to see how far it is!

Our guest arrived about 0930 and after a little search we did meet up on the High Street in Braunston. After an amble down to the boat and a restorative cup of tea we were off for a days cruise.

A procession of boats past as I was getting ready to leave so in the end we left in a line of about five boats. The weather was lovely, nice and sunny but not too hot. We turned west on the Oxford towards Napton. Looking back at the junction we weren't being followed by anybody.

There are all sorts of boats on this stretch and the good weather seems to have brought out lots of boats that have waited for the end of the summer holidays and some good weather. There were plenty out polishing and painting too,. It must have been the days battle scars!

We winded at Napton Junction and headed back to a sunny spot where we moored up and had our lunch. Steph. has provided Helen with the excuse to abandon me and spend the day on the bow chatting, something that she never does as she feels guilty leaving me at the back end.

On the way to Napton we were blessed with the lovely sight of a grass snake swimming across the canal. The farmers, or contractors were busy in the harvested fields and despite the sun there is the hint of autumn in the view. The toffee browns of the bull rushes, the crimson reds of the hawthorn and the boiled tar shiny black of the blackberries added glamour to the seen.

On the way back to Braunston we saw a muntjac deer standing on the tow path and didn't flee until we were quite close, but before I got the camera leveled. The hills around the village of Flecknoe always add interest to the view.

 As we approached the junction on the way back the cloud cover came over so making the picture look gloomy but the spire of All saints is a welcome sight. 

The junction house adds a bit of colour with the white bridge. I see the house was built in 1900. We turned up to the locks hoping that we would get a mooring close to where we had been.

The toll house looks to be empty now, but still well kept. We passed  the marina and winded in the east entrance before setting back down to moor up between the Boat and the Junction.

It was still busy with comings and goings up the canal and a few returning to Braunston Marina. We have had a lovely day and all have a nice glow to our faces. We are now off to the Boat for a celebration tea.


  1. I do hope we are going to be able to find you when we are out and about in very early October - where will you be? Mxox

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    We are having to cut short our usual time away this year as we are heading back home on 2nd October. We are leaving the boat at Streethay near Litchfield as they are going to give her a repaint later in the year. Helen has some work booked from 3rd and we also have training and opportunities to volunteer for the City Of Culture events in Hull. I'm not sure when you are actually arriving in the UK but if you are arriving at London airports then you are most welcome to break your journey to Scotland at Hedon (our house), which is just halfway between London and Edingburgh. Otherwise I think we are going to miss you. The boat is going to start it's repaint about 20th October and we hope to be able to get out and about on her in the New Year and move her slowly up North for next year. Looking forward to hearing from you both soon.
    Did you leave your boat out of the water at Barby Moorings? I can't see any boats at all out of the water do they take them somewhere?

    Cheers for now, Tony and Helen.